Post the 1st: Call Me Blogger.

Bloggers. Those beautiful people with high intelligence, a busy social life, professional photoshop skills, and most of all, something fascinating to say. Who wouldn’t want to be a blogger?

Despite having recently graduated with a BA in English, and armed with plenty of essay writing experience, publishing – or indeed, public writing –  is not something I am familiar or comfortable with at all. Whilst I do not exactly dream of a massive crowd of followers commenting faithfully on each post, it does feel slightly unnerving that someone out there might be reading this, someone else than just my teacher or course mate. Nevertheless, keeping in mind that my studying days are nearly over, one needs to put oneself out there and do all those unnerving and scary things. Like write a blog. Challenge accepted then, with a racing heart!

The main purpose of this blog is therefore to give me the opportunity to write texts other than essays. And since I own lots of (unread) books, am constantly on the hunt for more, analyse books for my studies and would very much like to work with them in the future too, writing a book blog seems like a great idea. At the moment the plan is to review the books I am currently reading, but with 0 posts under my belt, who knows what I will end up blabbering about…